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Tent London. London Design Fair 2016

In October 2015 Kazakh designers Anastasia Leonova, Aziz Abdulmazhitov, Galym Kairalapov
and Timur Aktaev participated in a workshop with UK designer Gareth Neal in Almaty. Over a
three-day period they developed prototypes which were exhibited at Experimentarium.

As a result of this workshop the four designers formed the collective A1462 (
A1462 participated in the London Design Festival for the first time. They represented the
emerging local design scene in Kazakhstan, along side other country presentations at Tent
London at the London Design Fair.

Kazakhstan is the largest economy in Central Asia. Much of its economic strength is founded on
the export of raw materials like crude oil, but there is an increased emphasis on entrepreneurship
and small businesses. With no large, established design firms and no sizeable manufacturers of
design products the industry very much revolves around small businesses and individual