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Team A1462 will take a part in TENT LONDON design fair

Nowadays there is no visual image of Kazakhstan in the world of design together with the production industries and specific education.

Our mission is to form worthy a representation of kazakh design through the expression in our works and develop the productions step by step.

For the achievement of these goals we are engaged in the training of young generation of designers in the universities and schools. Also we have already participated in the international exhibition of design Salone Satellite 2015. We were the first who introduced the products from our country. The idea of our booth was the vision of modern life of kazakh citizen.

The British Council held the event British Design Days in September 2015 and have invited well-known designer Gareth Neal for master-class in Almaty.

After working together on the projects we decided to collaborate and introduce ourselves and the country in the London Design Fair - Tent London 2016. We banded into the group of four independent designers for achievement our main goal under the brand name A1462.

Our specific is that we create the objects using modern technology in conjunction with a local crafts and handmade technics.